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Chemical Surfactant Agent with Fast Leveling And Defoaming Properties BNK-4010

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Place of Origin: US
Brand Name: BNK
Certification: SGS
Model Number: BNK-4010
Minimum Order Quantity: 25KG
Packaging Details: 25kg/barrel
Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks after received customer confirmation
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,D/P
Supply Ability: 100000 barrel

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Detailed Product Description

Chemical Surfactant Agent with Fast Leveling And Defoaming Properties BNK-4010
Features and advantages
  1. Extremely suitable for water-based coating and ink;
  2. Rapid leveling, quickly defoaming and bubble instabiling;
  3. Strongly reduce surface tension of coating and ink;
  4. Excellent wet ability and dispersity; 
  5. Improvement of inks problems on smooth papers during printing or writing, such as lack of color, bolt, difficult color, poor adhesion, scales phenomenon while writing
  6. Do not significantly affect the pH changes.

Technical data
Appearance: light yellow or brown solid
Decomposition temperature oC: 295 ~ 300
Melting point: 250 ~ 260
pH: 7 ~ 8
Surface tension 0.1% (1%): 221
mN/m 0.01%: 371
Active substance content %: 100

Soluble in dimethyl sulfoxide, methanol, soluble in ethanol, isopropanol, water by heat. 

Application fields
The product applies to high-grade water-based coatings, ink. And it can be used in detergents, latex, emulsifier, fluorine protein agent, oil displacement agent, agent, foaming agent, antistatic agent, chromium fog inhibitor, paper, oil treating agent and so on. 

Usage method
Usually added in manufacturing stage.

Recommended dosage
The additive is recommended with a dosage of 0.01% ~ 0.1% according to the formula. For optimum performance, we recommended a ladder study should be performed in the formulation. 

1 kg

Storage transportation
This product is easy moisture absorption. It must be stored in dry and ventilated area, avoided the sun and rain. The products non-dangerous goods, and valid for 1 year. 

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